Sustainable Development Strategy

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City of Barrie


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Strategy, Policy

Prime Strategy & Planning supported the City of Barrie in preparing a Sustainable Development Strategy to guide sustainable development comprehensively across the City. This plan will advance progress for sustainable development creating synergies among various City departments, stakeholders and residents to support an exceptional quality of life for all.

Photo courtesy of City of Barrie.

It is expected that, by 2031, an estimated 210,000 people will call Barrie home, a number that is projected to increase to 253,000 people by 2041. In terms of jobs, by 2031, an estimated 114,000 is expected and that is projected to increase to 129,000 by 2041.  The ways in which the City meets this growth will have a lasting impact on its future.  A city made up of homogeneous neighbourhoods with primarily low-density, ground-related housing and completely dependent on the private automobile is not sustainable.

This strategic policy sets goals and objectives in five key areas for the City and will support sustainable growth and measurable performance for the City.  It sets out areas of focus and targets for tracking performance. It is intended to be a living document, flexible by design, to address emerging issues and changes deemed to support sustainability for the City of Barrie.

Prime completed an initial peer review of previous action and direction in the City. This set the guidance on how the strategy could address actions of the City but also bring in leading practice influence. Prime worked collaboratively with staff and a steering committee of departments and agencies to advance a draft strategy that is truly a made in Barrie approach. This strategy provides direction that will also support the on-going Official Plan update for the City.