Resiliency & Innovation

Cultivating resiliency and leveraging innovation are key aspects of our approach, leading to solutions that are dynamic, adaptive and flexible.


Our solutions are focused on community scale design. Prime Strategy & Planning's objective is to ensure balance between natural systems and development.


We believe in the power of partnerships. Collaboration and partnerships are key opportunities to support funding and the advancement of innovation.


Prime Strategy & Planning

Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Communities

PRIME Strategy & Planning (PRIME) is a professional services firm dedicated to helping public and private sector clients realize their vision for a resilient, low carbon future.

PRIME works with all levels of government, the development industry and other corporate clients to create the innovative strategies, transformative policies, and leadership plans necessary for successful, future-focused, urban development projects.

Organizations come to PRIME when they need a fresh take on sustainable community development. PRIME pushes clients to engage in “What if” thinking: What could be possible if we re-define our approach to city building? What if we incorporate cutting edge innovations from another jurisdiction? What would we do differently, if we could look ahead and understand the impact of today’s design on a community 50 years from now?

PRIME uses foresight, integrated thinking, and broad, multi-dimensional experience to help clients address the policy, regulatory and financial aspects of development with balance and flexibility.

Managing partnerships, navigating complex approvals, obtaining funding for priority projects, developing progressive policy and performance-based solutions—these are the areas where PRIME excels. With PRIME, change is not only feasible, it’s financially viable.

PRIME’s approach is collaborative and multi-disciplinary. With a large network of professionals and academics spanning diverse disciplines, PRIME will bring the right partners to the table on every project.

  • Community-scale Development
  • Low Carbon, Resilient, Smart Solutions
  • Stakeholder
  • Environmental & Planning Policy & Approvals

A champion of Change

Lisa A Prime

Founder & Principal

Lisa Prime, MCIP RPP, is known throughout industry for her ability to bring stakeholders together, identify opportunities, and integrate environmental, business and social considerations into major infrastructure revitalization projects, development plans and policy.

Lisa started PRIME in 2016 to bring her wealth of experience to community planning and sustainability projects across North America. Responsible for millions of dollars of ground-breaking work, Lisa is the recipient of multiple international project awards, with recognition including ULI inaugural Women's Leadership Initiative Championship Team, 2014, and Clean50 Honourable Mention, 2012.

As a recognized leader in both innovative thinking and implementation process, Lisa speaks regularly at conferences and events, including internationally. She also facilitates collaborative sessions with international experts, sharing her broad knowledge and lessons learned for leading practice and innovation in sustainable community development.

She participates in non-profit sustainability work, including Portland's EcoDistricts studio, Ryerson Urban Water Advisory Board and inititatives such as Toronto's Future Cities Network. A Past National Board Member of the Canadian Green Building Council, she continues in CaGBC committee work.

Project Experience

Making a Difference, one Project at a Time

Winnipeg Metropolitan Plan 2050

Leading a team of experts to develop the first long-term plan for Winnipeg Metropolitan Region, including all 18 municipalities

As Principal Consultant, PRIME led the planning team for development of the Regional Growth and Servicing Plan for the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region’s first 30-year regional plan. LEARN MORE >

Workforce Strategy, Western Ontario Wardens Caucus

Prime worked with strategic partners to develop a strategy report and microsite aimed at improving access to skilled and talented labour

This strategy supports economic vitality of the small urban and rural communities across the region through labour market needs. PRIME delivered a housing strategy to support this work, using a personas approach and... LEARN MORE >

Smart Stormwater Research for Standards Development, CSA Group

PRIME partnered with Matrix Solutions Inc to create a report on future innovation for stormwater management

This smart cities research looked to better understand and define how smart stormwater technology can contribute to the overall stormwater management of runoff within a drainage catchment from a design and operation perspective. LEARN MORE >

BErczy Glen: Geothermal Community Energy System

Advancing the City of Markham's net-zero objectives using an innovative low carbon energy system.

PRIME led and facilitated collaboration between Mattamy Homes, Enwave, and the City of Markham to advance a geothermal community energy system in the City of Markham. Learn More >

Photo courtesy of City Clock Magazine


Acting as a strategic advisor, Prime worked collaboratively with Metrolinx to help shape one of the most important plans for the GTHA

The new plan advances transportation solutions and innovation for the Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area. Prime helped strategically hone the vision and content while coordinating internal teams and external consultants. LEARN MORE >

Development Innovation Support, Mattamy Homes

Prime works with Mattamy team on strategy and collaboration with key project partners for community-based innovation in new development

Strategic sustainability support is provided by Prime for various sites in Ontario. Collaboration amongst core stakeholders was achieved via facilitated workshops, strategic meetings, and advisory services. LEARN MORE >

Climate Strategy & Planning Services, CRH Canada

Catalyzing change for one of the nation's leading building materials manufacturers and construction companies

Joining forces with Quinn & Partners, Prime facilitated the development of a Climate Strategy Plan. Success required best practice research and smoothly facilitated sessions with both corporate staff and plant operations. LEARN MORE >

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