Master Planning Don River Mouth Naturalization and Brownfields

Advancing one of North America's biggest revitalization projects with sustainability leadership, flood protection and brownfields approvals


Waterfront Toronto


Key Services

This project included neighbourhood scale sustainability, approvals for flood protection and contaminated brownfields, with complex stakeholder engagement and integration of the winning design competition for the river mouth. Innovative approvals for brownfields, leading sustainability requirements, including a carbon tool and design for climate positive development.

West Donlands photo courtesy of Waterfront Toronto.

As Director of Environment and Innovation (Sustainability), Lisa Prime led the corporation's role in vital parts of waterfront revitalization. This work included the sustainability program, engaging LEED and high performance building requirements, a carbon tool, review of district energy, vaccum waste and climate postive design, as well as the EA for the Don River mouth, which was a co-proponency project with the City of Toronto and the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority.

This role included negotiating with partners, strategic direction for alternatives and flood protection design, including integration of the award winning design competition for the river by MVVA and complex approvals. As part of this work in the Port Lands, Lisa led the direction for brownfield approvals as a Community Based Risk Assessment (CBRA) and a process to pilot technologies for soil treatment.  

The CBRA was done as a proponent driven use of this approvals tool allowed for consideration of the larger port lands as one area, crossing multiple property ownerships and types of contamination. Lisa led the brownfield approvals portion of the costing and due diligence for the funding for the river project as well as bringing a dutch government collaboration to peer review the project as part of funding consideration. This work contributed significantly to the implementation construction to unlock the port lands and provide flood protection.