Strategic Funding Support for Energy System Projects

PRIME supported Enwave Energy Corporation plans to expand deep lake cooling and other low carbon energy projects with accessing Federal funding.


Enwave Energy Corporation


Key Services

Strategy, Government Relations

The Government of Canada's Low Carbon Economy Fund puts climate plans in action leveraging investments in projects that reduce carbon pollution, generate clean growth, save energy and create jobs. Enwave Energy Corp is committed to making cities more resilient by providing innovative, sustainable heating and cooling to support city growth.

PRIME supported applications for Enwave energy projects under multiple funds, including federal, provincial and Toronto Atmospheric Fund. This strategic support included working collaboratively with Enwave staff and other engineering support, to define projects and complete multi-stage application processes. PRIME's ability to understand key expectations from governments and interpret the technical nature of projects, provided important oversight and description for applications. An ability to sucinctly describe projects in limited space, and interpret project opportunities and alignment with funding objectives, is a core aspect of preparing funding submissions.