Smart Stormwater Research for Standards Development

Future innovation for stormwater management


CSA Group


Matrix Solutions Inc

Key Services

Sustainable Standards Development, Smart Cities Research

PRIME researched smart stormwater technology and prepared a seed document to support future standards development for CSA Group.

PRIME, partnered with Matrix Solutions Inc, to research smart stormwater technology (SST) and prepare a seed document to support future standards development for CSA Group. The research looked to better understand and define how SST can contribute to the overall stormwater management of runoff within a drainage catchment from a design and operation perspective. The focus considers what risks are associated with the use of SST and with the active controls that comprise it. This project focused on communications between SST components and what is required to help ensure the fail-safe operation between various components of SST. Working with a national steering committee, the team conducted  background review of technologies and implementation experience with municipalities in Canada and the United States.  

This important smart cities work addresses the fact that application of innovative technology in stormwater management is happening incrementally in individual systems and primarily through private applications. Incremental application of SST in municipalities (e.g., without overall contextual planning) has the potential to exacerbate pre-existing risks, especially considering potential impacts from climate change.