Workforce Strategy for Western Ontario Wardens Caucus

Aiming to improve southwestern Ontario's access to skilled and talented labour


Western Ontario Wardens Caucus


Mellor Murray, Jupia Consultants, Amplify Marketing & Communications

Key Services

Strategy development

PRIME worked in conjunction with strategic partners to complete a Workforce Strategy for the 15 upper tier and single tier municipalities in southwestern Ontario.

PRIME partnered with Mellor Murray, Jupia Consultants and Amplify Marketing and Communications, to complete a Workforce Strategy for the Western Ontario Wardens Caucus (WOWC). The Western Ontario Wardens’ Caucus (WOWC) represents 15 upper tier and single tier municipalities in southwestern Ontario. The Western Ontario Workforce Strategy is an initiative of the WOWC and other community partners, aimed at improving the region’s access to skilled and talented labour.

This strategy supports economic vitality of the small urban and rural communities across the region through labour market needs. PRIME delivered a housing strategy to support this work, using a personas approach based on detailed economic and demographic analysis, employer demand, people attraction and retention and related housing, education and quality of life factors. Housing options and best practices were developed and aligned with different municipal context and anticipated persona needs. Strategic recommendations informed by growth and workforce trends as well as best practice application of planning and policy tools to support attainable housing were  provided.   In addition, business plan principles were provided to support an action plan for municipalities to support attainable housing needs as part of the Workforce Strategy.  A website was developed to support user experience and stakeholder engagement. This project is held as a model and best practice for municipalities.