Climate Action Plan

Strategic guidance from PRIME working directly with York Region staff set out a Climate Action Plan for future resiliency


York Region


Mantle 314

Key Services

Strategy Policy, Climate Action Planning, Community Planning, Performance Metrics

PRIME with Mantle 314 collaborated with York Region staff to prepare the region for future resiliency through development of the Climate Action Plan for York Region.

Working with Mantle 314, PRIME provided important planning strategy and insight in the development of the York Region Climate Action Plan.  

This Plan is built on key climate research and data to establish the Warmer Wetter, Wilder, strategy to address the changing climate in York Region communities. Climate related impacts under high and low emission scenarios project two very different futures for Canada with substantial and rapid warning illustrate the effects of continued increasing in green house gas emissions will have in Canada. Limited warming will only occur if Canada and the rest of the worlds substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions meaning everyone has a role to play.

The Plan considers projections to 2050 and evaluates the trends and expected experience for the region. The actions are established to mitigate and adapt for future resiliency.